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Unknown wrote: Jar Wizard
The world has lasted for thousands of years , only because one troll , who is called the Jar Wizard . He has lost of potions , all different colours , shapes and sizes with all different thing in them like she balls , historic coins and animals that (More)
Unknown wrote: The Jar Wizard
Our world has existed for millions of years all because of one man,that man is the Jar Wizard.He has lived for thousands of years: so is he man or creature?He held many secrets in those enchanted jars of his: tears from the long forgotten unicorns-th (More)
Unknown wrote: the jar wizard
Our world has lasted for millions of years and is still here today because of one low-spirited person,or is he  a human? He carries around with him jars on his clothes full of: poisonous heads-makes you fall instantly to sleep;unicorn bones and pixi (More)
Unknown wrote: The Jar Wizard
In an unknown face of darkness and gloom,a jar wizard ,who was sorrowful, stood in nothing but the light from his jars(that cover him like blanket). They were colourful lights of baby blue,dark orange,turquoise and a very particular black - the darkn (More)
Mrs Emery wrote: The Jar Wizard
Over centuries, the world has been protected by the Jar Wizard. He is a collector of noncollectable items - items you never knew existed! In his jars he has: unicorn tears that can heal any wound or disease; pixie dust that not only allows you to fly (More)